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Michigan Olde Blue is community of current and former rugby players affiliated with the University of Michigan Rugby Football Club. UMRFC players experience action, travel, camaraderie and adventure during their short stay in Ann Arbor. UMRFC players leave UofM with a solid rugby foundation to pursue rugby careers with clubs throughout the country. Michigan Olde Blue is a nationwide network of past UMRFC players. Michigan Olde Blue is based in Ann Arbor and is run by local Olde Blue.
Olde Blue supports the local Ann Arbor Rugby Community. The local rugby community is made up of Olde Blue, UMRFC, MRFC (mens rugby club that spawned from the UMRFC), Michigan Womens Rugby Club and Washtenaw Youth Rugby. Olde Blue members attend games, assist coaching, and volunteer at rugby events. This rugby community actively comes together during biweekly Summer Touch. Ask who was at touch, you will hear "mens side, the college guys, the women and some Olde Blue were there".
The Olde Blue come together to tour and play rugby. Olde Blue has toured Ireland, joined up to compete in tournaments in Washtington, DC and Missoula, MT. Olde Blue makes annual appearance at Cherry Pit Tournamet in Traverse City, MI.
The Olde Blue hosts the Annual Olde Blue Weekend, aka OBW. OBW is invitation for all former UMRFC players to return to Ann Arbor for event filled weekend, including traditional Thursday practice & pub, Friday golf outing & formal dinner, Saturday rugby matches & outdoor party, ending with Sunday brunch. The weekend highlight is match between current collegiate UMRFC team and a selection of returning Olde Blue. Rugby matches continue throughout the day.
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