Charles Berklich

Charles "Chuck" Berklich

Years played UMRFC/MRFC: 06-13
Position[s]: Backs
Influential UMRFC/MRFC players: Aaron "Tex" Dobbs, Karl Seiborg, Naveen Aravapalli, James Wilbur, Niall O Kane, Tobi Eboda, Dave Perpich, Jeff Hagan, Dan Mascellino, Tyler Richmeister, Gerrit Yntema, Kevin Owens, Kevin Mulligan, Tim Farrow, Mike Pryzybylski, Eoghan McGreevy, Ty Waters, Jayson Fetterly, Mike Wilinski, Matt Crabtree, David Hamilton   
Other clubs and select teams played for: Michigan High School Selects, Michigan Collegiate Selects, Grand Rapids Gazelles, Oregon Rugby Sports Union
Memorable games, plays, tours, off field events: 08 Nationals, Czech tour game, Bahamas tour game
Current location: Portland, OR
Occupation: Clinical Pharmacy Specialist - Oncology
Family: Wife-Elizabeth, Dog-Brew
Comment: soiled meat and sand. 
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